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What accidents happen most often at airports?

Flying is one of the safest forms of transportation, and people flock to take advantage of that fact in New York. People also love the quickness of flight. You can get across the country in a matter of hours when driving or any other form of transportation would take days. However, one thing people often do not like about flying is the airport. Not only is it a slow process to get through security but also accidents happen all the time that ruin your whole plans.

Airport International Review explains that airport accidents happen far more often than incident sin the air. Ramp accidents alone account for a large portion of injuries in an airport. Falls are another common issue, especially during rain or snow when the floors become wet. People may be rushing about and not paying attention to caution signs alerting them to a slippery floor.

 Beyond those two common incidents, accidents also happen regularly on elevators and escalators. Collisions are also an issue. Sometimes defective equipment leads to accidents, such as the luggage conveyor not working properly.

The injuries resulting from these accidents usually are rather minor and include bruises, sprains and strained muscles. However, they can be severe, including amputations, broken bones and spinal cord injuries.

It is important to pay attention when you are in an airport to watch for hazards. The airport also has to step up and take responsibility by doing its part to keep equipment operational and put up warnings in dangerous areas. This information is for education and does not constitute legal advice.

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