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Day care centers in New York City owe extremely high standards of care to children who attend their facilities. All parties involved must do their duty to maintain safe premises and prevent unreasonable harm to children. The company, its employees and the owner of the property must work together to avoid accidents. Acts of negligence, carelessness, and unlawfulness can lead to serious and even fatal child injuries while at daycare. A compassionate New York City daycare injury lawyer at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, can help if something recently happened to your child in an NYC daycare center.

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Common Day Care Injuries That Are Red Flags For Negligence

Day care injuries aren’t always grounds for lawsuits. Some stem from children simply being children. Bumps, scrapes, and bruises during regular play activities are normal and do not arise due to negligence. There are some injuries, however, that should raise red flags for negligence or abuse. If the story the daycare center tells you doesn’t match the injuries, this is also a potential sign that something is amiss. The following injuries are common in cases involving daycare center negligence:

After you receive notice that your child has sustained an injury at daycare, gather as much information as possible. Write down the name of the acting supervisor, as well as any adults who witnessed the incident. Take photographs of your child’s injury and of the area where the incident occurred. Keep copies of your child’s medical records and official diagnosis. The more information you collect about your child’s injury, the better your chances of pursuing a lawsuit in the event of day care center negligence. Speak with an NYC personal injury attorney as soon as possible to explore your legal options.

Proving Negligence For A Day Care Accident In NYC

There are a few different scenarios in which the law may entitle your child to compensation for his or her injuries from the at-fault party. Understanding the grounds for daycare center lawsuits in the Big Apple can help you learn when to contact a New York City day care injury lawyer. When in doubt, reach out to Meirowitz & Wasserberg. We offer completely free consultations to help you sort through the details of your child’s accident. In general, your child’s injuries must have come from some form of negligence or intent to harm.

For example, if a hazardous property condition caused your child’s injuries, you may have a claim against the owner of the property for failing to keep it reasonably safe for children. If a defective product injured your child, the manufacturer of the item in question may be liable. A supervisor who fell asleep on the job and let your child wander off the premises could point to day care center liability for lax hiring and training procedures.

Contact A New York City Day Care Injury Attorney If Your Child Was Injured

No matter the circumstances surrounding your child’s injury, a competent personal injury lawyer can help. The right attorney can investigate your claim, tell you whether it has merit in the NYC civil courts, and list your opportunities for potential compensation. To speak with a New York daycare injury lawyer at Meirowitz & Wasserberg about your child’s recent daycare-related injury, call our NYC office at 212-897-1988.


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