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Truck accidents can have devastating effects on victims and their families. If you or someone you know has been involved in such an accident in the Bronx, our team of experienced truck accident attorneys at Meirowitz & Wasserberg can assist you.

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How can Meirowitz & Wasserberg help with my Bronx truck accident claim?

The attorneys at Meirowitz & Wasserberg have an excellent reputation in New York and are focused on representing people as individuals instead of large corporations.

They take each case as one of their own, helping their clients get the justice and maximum compensation they deserve.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident in the Bronx, contact Meirowitz & Wasserberg for a free consultation or call 800-726-6326.

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According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, there were over 10 thousand recorded truck accidents in recent annual figures, resulting in thousands of injuries and several deaths. NYPD traffic data detailing collisions showed many truck accidents in the Bronx, with 113 large commercial vehicle crashes in January 2021 alone. 

If you have been hurt in a crash with a semi-truck or other large commercial truck, you may need the help of a Bronx personal injury lawyer. At Meirowitz & Wasserberg, we will aggressively fight for your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Types of Truck Accidents in the Bronx

Truck accidents happen more frequently in the Bronx and New York City than you may think.

Due to the size of trucks compared to regular vehicles, truck accidents can cause severe damage, even at low impacts and reduced speeds. Depending on the magnitude of the collision, victims of truck accidents may suffer spinal cord injuries, severe back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and even death.

Types of truck accidents commonly seen on the road include:

  • Jackknifes
  • Overrides or underrides
  • Cargo-related accidents
  • Tire blowouts
  • Brake failure accidents
  • Rollovers
Photo of a semi-truck parked on Bronx roadway after accident

Where Do Truck Accidents Occur in the Bronx?

Most truck accidents in the Bronx occur on the Cross Bronx Expressway or Bronx River Parkway.

Commonly, these truck accidents involve delivery trucks near Hunts Point Market, trucks getting into collisions near Lincoln Medical Center, or accidents occurring on the Bruckner Expressway.

The common thread between these locations is their frequent use for commercial transportation and proximity to significant delivery bays for truckers. Where there’s an increased number of truckers in a concentrated spot, there’s an increased risk of truck accidents.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in the Bronx

The Federal Trucking Regulations defined by the Department of Transportation are laws and regulations all commercial truckers and transport vehicles must follow to ensure safety on the road. When drivers don’t follow these regulations, accidents are likely to occur.

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driver inattention and distraction – Based on traffic data from the NYPD, there were 376 total accidents in the Bronx in November 2021. 
  • Overworked drivers – When drivers are tired and overworked, they are more likely to make a mistake resulting in a collision.
  • Texting while driving – Texting while on the road causes truckers to miss split-second situations on the street, leading to accidents.
  • Sleep deprivation – A tired trucker can’t operate their vehicle correctly and is at risk for an accident.
  • Driving under the influence – Any truck driver who drives while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is at serious risk of crashing.
  • Unsafe lane changes – If a roadway situation occurs where the truck driver cannot maintain their lane or perform a safe lane change, this can quickly become a hazardous situation.
  • Blind spots – Truckers who merge into another vehicle may cause a collision due to a blind spot in their view.
  • Speeding – Traveling at high speeds may result in a higher crash likelihood.
  • Inclement weather conditions – The weather and poor visibility or black ice can play a significant role in traffic collisions.
  • Heavy traffic – When more vehicles are on the road, the chance of a collision increases.
  • Tailgating and aggressive driving – Aggressive truck drivers are more likely to get into an accident while tailgating or being unsafe on the road.
  • Unsafe or illegal turns – When a truck driver attempts to make an unlawful hazardous turn, their large vehicle puts them at risk of an accident.

Who's Liable for my Bronx Truck Accident?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a truck accident in the Bronx, liability may be in the hands of cargo loaders, drivers, or even transit companies. Here are some potentially liable parties:

  • Cargo loaders – If cargo is inappropriately loaded into a truck and results in an accident on the road, the cargo loader may be liable.
  • Truck drivers – Depending on the type of truck driver, the nature of the collision, and the vehicle’s ownership status, liability may be in the hands of either the driver or the trucking company.
  • Trucking companies – If a driver for a trucking company is involved in a truck accident, the company may be liable through vicarious liability.
  • Employers of negligent third parties – If a third-party driver causes a truck accident, their employer may be liable.
  • Transit companies – If a truck accident involves a transit company, they may be liable for damages from the accident.
  • Government agencies responsible for maintaining the roads – Roads that aren’t adequately maintained for truckers and result in unsafe conditions may put liability in the hands of a government agency.
  • Companies that manufactured defective equipment – If a company manufactures faulty equipment that results in a truck accident, the manufacturing company may be liable for damages.

Common Injuries After a Truck Accident in The Bronx

Many injuries may occur after a truck accident, including: 

  • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Broken bones from colliding with the dashboard, steering wheel, or airbag
  • Burns from hazardous materials and large fuel tanks at risk of explosion
  • Crushing injuries, including internal damage
  • Lost limbs due to a collision
  • Neck injuries, including whiplash
  • Spinal cord and soft tissue injuries 
  • Paralysis due to an accident
  • Wrongful death

What To Do After a Bronx Truck Accident?

You should immediately follow these steps:

  1. Seek medical attention immediately by dialing 911. Go see your primary care physician, ensure your well-being, and document any injuries you may not notice straight away.
  2. Document all evidence, including photos, medical bills, treatments, and damage to your vehicle.
  3. Exchange information with the other party or parties involved.
  4. Contact the police even if nobody was injured, and file a police report. Obtain a copy of your police report for your records.
  5. Keep a record of all of your accident-related medical bills and any related documents.
  6. Report the accident to your insurance provider. Since New York is a no-fault state, an injured person’s first option for receiving compensation is personal injury protection (PIP) benefits.
  7. Do not admit fault or speak with the defendant or their insurance company about the accident or the settlement.
  8. Contact a Bronx truck accident attorney, such as the legal team at Meirowitz & Wasserberg.

Should I Hire a Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer?

Yes, you should generally hire a truck accident lawyer in the Bronx following a truck accident. Since personal injury laws are complex, an attorney will help you navigate all of the nuances, including dealing with trucking companies that typically carry extensive insurance policies.

The threshold for pursuing a lawsuit in New York is contingent upon where you sustained a serious injury as defined by Article 51 of New York’s insurance laws, or sustained an economic loss in excess of $50,000 in combined medical payments and lost wage payments.

New York’s statute of limitations states that you have up to three years from the date of the accident to pursue a lawsuit, governed by N.Y. Civ. Prac. R. section 214.

An attorney will be able to evaluate your case and advise you on your legal options.

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