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If you’re considering joining a mass tort in New York City, you need a team of attorneys by your side. Mass torts are representative actions with multiple claimants suing for damages on behalf of the individuals and others in a defined class. If the initial lawsuit is a success, others in the defined class will have a period of time to join the mass tort or pursue separate lawsuits. Mass torts currently exist for dangerous drugs, consumer fraud, defective automobiles and medical equipment that has caused patient injuries. If you believe you have grounds to join or start a mass tort, come to Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, for high-quality representation with our New York City mass torts lawyer.

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Mass Tort Law In New York City

Mass torts cover a diverse range of practice areas, from product liability to insurance and discrimination law. Any incident that involves more than one plaintiff with a common claim against the same defendant(s) can result in a mass tort or class action. Mass torts frequently occur after natural disasters, dangerous drugs, unfair business practices, or environmental issues. Multiple parties can band together to bring legal action against the responsible party on behalf of all those affected by the product or element in question. Mass torts can arise from a pattern of negligent actions by the defendant or from one major incident, such as a plane crash.

The underlying process of a mass tort claim is similar to that of a typical personal injury lawsuit in New York City. The plaintiffs must prove the defendant’s fault or another required element for a successful claim, such as strict liability. The purpose of a mass tort is to give injured parties the chance to bring a collective claim regarding injuries that occurred from similar experiences. Combining these claims into a single mass tort increases the efficiency and economy of the legal process. Instead of hundreds of individual trials for the same harms by the same defendant, one mass tort achieves the same results.

Considerations When Choosing A Law Firm

Not all personal injury attorneys are suitable for handling mass tort claims. Despite similarities with individual cases, mass torts follow their own rules and regulations in New York City. You need a team of attorneys with the financial backing to afford the upfront and ongoing costs of a mass tort lawsuit. Your attorney should be able to cover travel expenses, technology costs, discovery costs, witness fees and more to maximize the effectiveness of your case. Lawyers take on these costs during litigation and then collect their fees after a successful compensation award. Not every law firm has this capability.

Meirowitz & Wasserberg has years of experience representing clients in mass torts and class action lawsuits across the country. We’ve gone up against some of the largest corporations in the country to seek retribution for injured parties. Our goal in mass torts is to get every plaintiff the best possible result. Whether the case involves a defective drug, false advertising, fraud, illegal business practices or complex consumer laws, count on our firm for exceptional legal services. We understand federal and state laws regarding mass torts, and we understand when a defendant has violated laws or rights. Talk to our team as soon as possible for more information about joining or initiating a mass tort in NYC.


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