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Ritawantee Persaud Car Accident

Rita Singh The law firm Meriowitz & Wasserberg, LLP is built on the principles of service, advocacy, and the pursuit of truth and justice. That is why we have been retained to represent the family of Ritawantee (“Rita”) Persaud.

Ms. Persaud passed away from a tragic car accident on December 24, 2020. She was a passenger in an Uber when her vehicle was hit by a Lamborghini SUV (the “SUV”). The operator of the SUV left the scene of the accident and there is an ongoing police investigation into the owner and operator of the SUV.

Meriowitz & Wasserberg LLP has been working with the police in their ongoing investigation. If you have any information or knowledge regarding the accident, please contact our associate Kush Shukla, Esq. at (347)-670-0937.



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