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Approximately 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries in the United States every year. Many brain injury victims are treated and released without suffering permanent effects. However, some brain injuries can be life-changing. If someone else’s negligence causes you or a loved one a serious harm, contact a knowledgeable New Jersey brain injury lawyer at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, for help.

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Causes And Types Of Brain Injuries

The top three causes of traumatic brain injuries are car accidents, gunshot wounds and falls. However, brain injuries can result from a variety of situations.

  • Open head injuries occur when the damage leaves an open wound in the victim’s head. A bullet wound would be one example. The damage is mostly focal (occurring in a specific location) as opposed to diffuse and the effects vary in severity.
  • Closed head injuries commonly happen after a slip and fall or motor vehicle accident. The damage is general focal with some damage to axons. Though the skull doesn’t show an open wound, the effects are broad and can be extremely serious.
  • Deceleration injuries, or diffuse axonal injuries, are when the brain moves at a different speed that the skull and slams into the side of the skull. Whiplash is an example of a diffuse axonal injury.
  • Chemical or toxin exposure can also cause serious brain injuries. Extensive exposure to harmful chemicals can damage the neurons in your brain. Insecticides and carbon monoxide are examples of such harmful chemicals.
  • Oxygen is vital for the brain because it fosters blood flow. Hypoxia is when the brain experiences a lack of oxygen. After only a few minutes, you could begin suffering from severe cognitive and memory deficiencies. Heart attacks, respiratory failure, drop in blood pressure and an environment with a low level of oxygen can cause hypoxia.
  • If something breaches the protective system of the brain in any way, the brain can become easily infected. Infections can lead to debilitating and potentially fatal diseases.
  • Strokes can lead to blood deprivation in certain areas of the brain. If a stroke deprives parts of the brain of blood, the cells will begin to die. Any loss of blood flow has the potential to cause a serious brain injury.

Brain Injury Claims In New Jersey

If another person’s negligence caused your brain injury, you could be eligible to hire a New Jersey brain injury lawyer, file a lawsuit against that person and receive compensation for your injury. Every person has a responsibility to act in a way that keeps everyone around him or her reasonably safe. To prove negligence, you need to prove three things:

  • The defendant had a duty of care toward you.
  • The defendant breached his or her duty of care.
  • The defendant’s breach of duty led directly to your injury.
For more information regarding establishing negligence in traumatic brain injury cases, speak to a New Jersey personal injury attorney experienced in these types of cases.

Potential Damages In New Jersey Brain Injury Cases

In the state of New Jersey, courts can award damages for various aspects of a brain injury case. The first potential area for compensation is medical expenses. The court could order that the defendant pay any medical bill that you must pay or will have to pay because of the brain injury. The court could also award you damages for the pain and suffering you experienced and wages that you lost because of missed days of work or a reduced salary-earning capability.

Free Consultation With A Brain Injury Attorney In New Jersey

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury because of another person’s negligent behavior, you need a qualified lawyer to help you. Call our office at 800-726-6326 or contact us online for determined attorneys who are knowledgeable about New Jersey brain injury laws.


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