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Every New Jersey bicycle accident attorney at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP is an avid bicycle enthusiast. We passionately advocate for the rights of bikers on the sidewalks and roads in New Jersey and aim high for the results of all bicycle accident cases we accept. We understand the unique challenges cyclists face on the roads, from distracted drivers to dangerous potholes. It’s our job to protect bicyclists’ rights after accidents that leave them bruised, bloodied, or scarred. To find out if you have a valid claim against a driver and/or other party, call 800-726-6326.

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Should You Accept an Insurance Settlement After a Bike Accident in New Jersey?

When first starting to explore your legal future after a bicycle accident, you may wonder if accepting a fast insurance settlement is the best option for you. It can be tempting to say yes to the first offer and end litigation right there, but is this really your top choice? If you asked our lawyers, we’d likely say no. We’d tell you to always discuss your case with a knowledgeable New Jersey personal injury attorney before agreeing to an over-the-phone settlement, to make sure an insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not look out for the well-being of injured claimants. Instead, their goal is to turn a profit. This can result in insurance claims adjusters offering much less than the actual value of the claim, delaying approval unnecessarily, or denying the claim altogether. It’s important to consult with someone who wants what’s best for you – a personal injury lawyer – before accepting the initial settlement offer. Talking to a dedicated New Jersey bicycle accident attorney at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP can let you know what we believe your claim could be worth, and how we plan on helping you achieve maximum compensation.

Thanks to New Jersey’s choice no-fault insurance laws, your only available outlet for recovery might be your own vehicle insurer. If, however, you opted for traditional insurance coverage, you could pursue damages from the driver’s insurance company or through a civil lawsuit instead. Filing a civil claim against the at-fault driver could result in greater compensation for your losses. You could potentially file a personal injury claim outside of New Jersey’s no-fault system if the accident resulted in catastrophic or permanent injuries.

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Negligence is at the heart of most bicycle accidents. Drivers who texting and drivingdrive drunk, run red lights, speed, pass cyclists too closely, or otherwise don’t take their duties as a driver seriously put the lives of everyone around them at risk. Bicyclists and pedestrians are especially vulnerable to life-threatening injuries such as brain damage or spinal cord injuries. Aggressive or reckless drivers can act especially ruthless toward bicyclists, causing unnecessary injuries and deaths. Whatever the circumstances of your recent bicycle crash in New Jersey, protect yourself by talking to an attorney.

In most states, bicycles are legally vehicles. This means they have all the same rights to the roads as other motorists. You have an equal right to be on the road in New Jersey, as well as an equal right to file a claim in the event of an accident. If a negligent driver, dangerous roadway defect, bad bicycle part, or poorly designed intersection contributed to your injury, the New Jersey bicycle accident attorneys at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, will help you get to the bottom of your case. We’ll put our years of experience to work on your behalf. Find out if you could be eligible for financial recovery after a bike crash in New Jersey. Contact us today.


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