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What is the AFFF Firefighting Foam Lawsuit?

Video Transcript

The AFFF lawsuit is a lawsuit that can be brought by military firefighters, civilian firefighters, and airport firefighters who worked with Aquos Film Forming Foam, commonly known as AFFF, when fighting firefighters during their work and careers. If you or a loved one was a firefighter in either the military, at an airport, or in a civilian capacity and later developed cancer, ulcerative colitis, or thyroid disease, you may be entitled to compensation and should speak with an attorney to find out if you qualify.

AFFF contained chemicals known as PFAs, commonly known as ‘forever chemicals.’ These chemicals can cause those who worked with AFFFs to develop cancer, even decades after working with this substance. Right now, the AFFF lawsuits have been brought against multiple companies and have been centralized as a mass tort multi-district litigation proceeding in South Carolina Federal Court.