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We are very proud to have an office in the Bronx. I started my career as a Bronx District Attorney, and I always wanted to come back to the Bronx because I love the community. I love being part of it. So, we opened our office on East 149th Street, not far from Lincoln Hospital, to serve the community that I always felt a connection to.

We specialize in making sure that people feel well cared for in the Bronx, but also represent them to the fullest extent that an advocate can fight on behalf of a client. We have deep roots in the Bronx Community. We have lawyers at our law firm who were born and raised in the Bronx. We have lawyers that still live in the Bronx, as of today. We appear regularly in front of Bronx judges and Bronx courthouses.

The Bronx is a very important part of our law firm, and we’re proud to be able to be part of the Bronx Community. We have got involved in charitable events in the Bronx. We sponsor little leagues, and we just feel that it’s important to be part of the community, not just as lawyers, but also as supportive members of the community as well.

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