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What to Do After a Bronx Truck Accident?

Video Transcript

If you’re in Molden, a Bronx truck accident, first of all, stay at the accident scene. Don’t leave the scene. In New York, it’s illegal to leave the accident scene before exchanging information, and when you do that, make sure that you and other passengers are safe.Second, seek medical care. Call 911, document all your medical injuries, go see a doctor, ensure your well-being, and even if your injuries seem minor at the time, maybe later on, your injuries might develop something more serious.

And you might want to start a legal action, and therefore, all the medical records are very important in the case.

One thing, document all the evidence. Take photos of the damaged vehicles, take photos of the accident scene, and take photos of your injuries. Exchange witness information because later on in the case, you might lose the contact, you might not be able to find those people. So, it is important that you get every evidence that is possible at the time of the accident.

Fourth thing, contact the police. Even if no one is injured, file a report and obtain a copy of the police report.

Fifth thing, do not admit fault or speak with the defendant or their insurance company about the accident or anything that happened. And six, contact a Bronx truck accident attorney, such as the legal team at Meirowitz and Wasserberg.

Fejir Ugurlu
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Fejir Ugurlu