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Types of Premises Liability Cases We Specialize In

Video Transcript

We specialize in all the different types of premises liability cases that a person can find themselves in, which is to say that there are instances where there is a negligence security claim. So, you live in a building that the landlord of the building isn’t properly securing? The doors don’t have bars on the windows? God forbid, somebody ends up breaking in and vandalizing or, even worse, conducting violent behavior. We’ve had cases where we represent tenants of a building where the security in the building was not up to standards. We’ve pursued the landlords for injuries and violence that occurred from intruders on the premises. We’ve handled cases involving public sidewalks that are raised and cause injury. We’ve handled cases where a staircase is in disrepair, or a floor is in disrepair and causes somebody to get hurt. So, there’s a vast array of scenarios where premises liability comes up. It’s really important to speak to a lawyer to help determine whether or not there’s a valid case.

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