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How Much Asbestos is Safe for an Automobile Mechanic?

Video Transcript

How much asbestos is safe for an automobile mechanic? There is no known level of asbestos that’s safe, government agencies all agree that asbestos is a dangerous carcinogen and the most important thing is to have little or no exposure to asbestos. While you’re working with an around asbestos containing products and what that means is that you need to do everything that you can to prevent yourself from having exposure. Number one,  asbestos needs to be identified, number two proper protective gear must be in place; masks respirators protective clothing the area needs to be cordoned off so you don’t get people that are nearby exposed to asbestos, you have to wet down anything that could potentially create respirable fibers or dust in the air a there are a series of measures that have to be taken in order to prevent both yourself and others from being exposed to asbestos. When you are forced to work around asbestos containing products now most of the cases that we handle are situations where the workers many many many years ago were not apprised of the dangers of asbestos and we’re never told by the companies that manufactured the products or never put any warnings about the dangers of asbestos on those products.

So when they worked with the products they had no idea that such dangers could come from the dust associated with asbestos containing products and so they were exposed to deadly levels of asbestos dust whereas hopefully today a lot of the companies that have been sued as a result of their negligence have brought attention to the matter and hopefully today people do take protective measures that weren’t taken years and years ago because that information was kept from the workers by the companies that manufacture the products.

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