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How Do I Prove a Slip and Fall Accident Case in NYC?

Video Transcript

In order to prove a slip and fall accident in New York City, you need to have two, either one of three things. First, you need to prove what is called ‘actual notice.’ This means that whoever is responsible for that property knew about the issue that caused your fall prior to your fall.

Secondly, you can also prove your case through ‘constructive notice.’ Here, you have to gather enough facts to determine that whatever it was that caused you to fall was there for a long enough time that the responsible person for this property should have discovered it or should have known about it and remedied that condition prior to your fall.

Last but not least, there’s a theory where you can recover for slip and fall accidents, which is called ’cause and create.’ This is where either the person responsible for that property, or an employee or an agent of this person, caused the condition that eventually led to your accident.

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