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How Can a Newark Personal Injury Attorney Help me with my Slip-and-Fall Case?

Video Transcript

A New York personal injury lawyer can help you with your slip and fall case by reviewing all of the facts and circumstances associated with the case, and making sure that your rights are protected. So for example, after you get injured, it’s really important to reach out to a lawyer because they can find out if there’s any video surveillance of your trip and fall, or your slip and fall, that caused you to get hurt. To see if you can prove that the reason for the fall was because of somebody else’s misconduct, an example of that would be if, let’s just say, a floor was in terrible disrepair or a staircase was without proper railing to protect people or a sidewalk was elevated because a tree was nearby, and it raised it to the point where it became a tripping hazard.

All of these factors are really important to consider, and it’s reason why you need to speak to a lawyer to determine whether or not you have a case. And if so, who might be responsible? That’s a whole other part of it; is to make sure that you can figure out, is it a business that’s responsible? Is it an individual resident? In some instances, if it’s a resident, they may not be responsible if it’s a public sidewalk. If it’s premises that the city owns or another type of municipality owns, uh, there are different ways in which a case is handled depending on whether or not it’s municipal or it’s a private defendant.

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