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How Are Plumbers Exposed to Asbestos?

Video Transcript

Plumbers can be exposed to asbestos in a variety of different ways. First of all, it depends upon whether they’re doing commercially related plumbing or residential related plumbing, but a variety of different factors go into when, where, or how a plumber would be exposed to asbestos. If they’re working with heating systems, pipes that are carrying steam or, in some instances, hot water, the thermal insulation material surrounding the pipes can be made of asbestos. If there are boilers involved in the work that they do, there are a variety of different asbestos-containing components associated with boilers like external insulation, sometimes internal insulation. Sometimes, there can be asbestos rope material in boilers especially the cement material in different parts. So, it really just depends upon the level of work that they’re doing. Even if they are changing gaskets in valves and pumps, they can be exposed to asbestos from removing those gaskets. A lot of folks can remove those gaskets with wire brushes or sanding equipment, and that creates dust and can expose plumbers to that kind of work. So, it really just depends whether they’re doing residential jobs. Obviously, if you’re repairing a toilet, it’s going to be very different than changing a gasket on a commercial pump or valve on a steam line.

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