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What are Some Common Pipe Fitting Products Containing Asbestos?

Video Transcript

So, pipe fitters and also steam fitters utilize asbestos gaskets and packing all the time. Asbestos gaskets fit on flanges that go between pipes and valves, pipes, and pumps that are within the valve itself, within the pump itself. The packing is used in a packing gland on a steam valve or a packing gland on a pump. These products were made with asbestos until the early 1980s and, in some cases, even a little bit later.

Therefore, a pipe fitter or steam fitter, whose job it is to remove gaskets and packing, can be exposed to asbestos dust. This is airborne asbestos dust generated from installing and removing those products.We’re talking about pipes, pumps, and valves. They connect to larger equipment. We could be talking about boilers, turbines, HVAC equipment, and more. There’s no real limit based on what I’m talking about here. But, this is generally how pipe fitters and steam fitters are exposed to asbestos. In addition to gaskets and packing, pipe fitters and steam fitters may be exposed to asbestos from the insulation products.

These products are used around the pipes, valves, and pumps. It’s not exactly their job to insulate or to remove the insulation but, as part of their work, they may be a bystander to dust that’s in the air from the insulation products that were used or are being used in their presence.

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