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Can I Sue the City or State of New York After an Injury?

Video Transcript

You absolutely can sue the city of New York, or the state of New York, after an injury, much like any property owner if you’ve been injured in some way that is related to the city or the state. They are amenable to suit. The way you sue them is a little bit different than you would sue a private citizen or Corporation. There are hoops we have to jump through, and I would encourage you to contact us as soon as you incur an injury that is a result of the city or the state.

Because what we’re required to do is file what’s called a ‘notice of claim.’ It’s pretty simple and basic; it’s just some information that we have to provide to the city or the state, letting them know who you are, what type of injury you sustained, and on what date that happened, along with some basic facts about it. None of that is difficult.

What is difficult is, we have 90 days to do so. So, I encourage you, should you suffer an injury at the hands of the city, or at the hands of the state, to contact us and we will get that filed. After the filing, we have one year and 90 days to commence a lawsuit against the city or the state.So again, the only difference between suing a municipality or a corporation, or a private citizen, is simply the timing to do so. So please, reach out and we’ll help you do that.”