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If your child has cerebral palsy (CP), it is worthwhile to thoroughly investigate its cause. This neurological disorder doesn’t always stem from a natural malformation or abnormal development during gestation. It is sometimes the result of medical malpractice. Negligent physicians and other health care professionals could cause CP in an infant by failing to monitor the baby’s vital signs, recognize fetal distress and prevent brain damage before, during or after birth. If you believe this is the case with your child, contact Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, right away and speak to a knowledgeable New York City cerebral palsy attorney to learn your available legal options.

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Cerebral Palsy And Birth Injuries

Cerebral palsy causes problems with body movement, muscle coordination and control, fine motor skills, and sometimes oral motor function. The majority of CP cases stem from acquired brain injuries or those that happen prior to birth. However, studies show that about 10% of cerebral palsy cases are caused by birth injuries. Physician negligence during labor and delivery can lead to the development of a brain injury that results in CP. Here are a few ways cerebral palsy may develop from negligence:

Failure to notice an infection: Infection in a pregnant mother can increase the likelihood of a child with cerebral palsy. Infections can increase the number of cytokines in the brain and blood of the infant. This can cause inflammation in the baby’s brain.

Failure to detect common warning signs: Certain factors can increase the risk of cerebral palsy development. These include low birth weight, premature birth, and multiple births. Physicians should be on the lookout for medical problems with such infants that could lead to CP if untreated.

Birth complications: While complications aren’t always preventable, physicians should do their part to foresee and detect issues in time to prevent injury to the baby. Complications such as umbilical cord prolapse or uterine rupture can cut off the infant’s oxygen supply, leading to the development of cerebral palsy.

Failure to treat jaundice: If a baby shows jaundice shortly after birth, doctors must prescribe proper treatment to prevent a condition called kernicterus, which has sometimes resulted in CP.

Failure to monitor the infant, improper use of birthing tools and lack of emergency preparedness can all cause a permanent brain injury. Children with cerebral palsy can have minor to severe physical impairments and require extensive rehabilitation during development. CP can affect one or multiple limbs. Every case is unique to the individual. It is not life-threatening, but it is permanent. The brain will never recover from cerebral palsy so it is important for victims in New York to consult an NYC medical malpractice lawyer experienced in cerebral palsy cases. He or she will be able to help determine whether or not a victim has a case and can recover compensation.

Stand Up For Your Child’s Rights After An Injury In New York

Anyone who caused or contributed to a permanent brain injury in an infant deserves to pay for his or her mistake. If the doctor that caused your child’s cerebral palsy is an independent contractor, you may be able to bring a claim against him or her as an individual so speak with a qualified New York City cerebral palsy attorney as soon as possible. Issues relating to hospital employees, tools, sanitation or training may come down to facility liability. There could be more than one party responsible for your child’s harms.

Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP | Local New York City Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

Working with our lawyers can help you identify the possible defendants and gather any evidence that may point to malpractice during your pregnancy, labor, or delivery. At Meirowitz & Wasserberg, every New York City cerebral palsy attorney at our firm is passionate about standing up for those who cannot do so themselves. Infants with permanent brain damage from someone else’s negligence deserve hard-hitting legal representation in the NYC civil court system. We want to be this resource for you and your family. Submit our contact form for a no-charge consultation about your child’s cerebral palsy.


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