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If you’ve suffered a radiator burn, you might have legal recourse to secure a settlement. Don’t negotiate with the other party’s insurance company alone. Hire our New York-based burn injury lawyers at Meirowitz & Wasserberg to advocate for you—from mediation to the courtroom. Contact us today for a free consultation on your case.

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Thermal burns caused by radiators are all too common in New York City and can be very severe—even life-threatening. Malfunctioning home radiators can cause serious injuries, especially for children or the elderly. The effects of these burns and injuries can be life-changing.

Steam radiators, in particular, are especially hazardous. Steam can leak out when the valves and seals become worn or damaged. Over time, the components of the radiator can falter and—if left unrepaired—result in a leaky piece of equipment or an explosion, which could be catastrophic for people and pets. 

In most cases, steam burns are more severe than burns from scalding water, leaving victims with lasting damage, including disfiguring scars, loss of mobility, emotional trauma, and chronic pain. In other words, it will change a person’s life forever.

At Meirowitz & Wasserberg, we understand the laws regarding a landlord’s responsibility to ensure the safety of tenants, including making sure that all apartment radiators are in good, working, and safe condition. 

A failure on the part of a landlord to keep their premises safe—while still providing heat and hot water—may violate these laws and incur legal action.

Have You Been Injured from a Radiator Burn?

If you or someone you love has been injured from a radiator burn through negligence on the part of your landlord, you may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim. 

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Meirowitz & Wasserberg can build a personal injury case due to a radiator burn—proving negligence on the part of your landlord and getting you the compensation you deserve.

Moving forward from a devastating burn injury can be difficult. You may have high medical bills and require ongoing treatment. Your settlement from a personal injury lawsuit can help cover your medical care and your bills until you get back to work. Call us today for a free consultation about your case.

Risks of Malfunctioning or Improperly Maintained Radiators

In 2016, two young girls died from burns they received from a faulty radiator in a Bronx apartment. This isn’t the only case of severe injuries and wrongful death arising from defective or poorly maintained home radiators. Over the years, many New Yorkers may have sustained contact burns and scalding from malfunctioning home radiators.

In this particular case, the two young girls suffered burns on over 70% of their bodies and did not recover from the injuries. The radiator had popped a valve, which caused scalding hot water and steam to rush out of the radiator, burning the children. Investigators discovered that the landlord had ignored the tenant’s repair requests.

Like all heating and cooling equipment, radiators require regular preventative maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and inspection. 

For example, the most common models of steam radiators have two valves that require regular inspection and periodic replacement. This responsibility lies with the property’s landlord or property management company and should be a part of the lease agreement.

Poorly maintained radiators aren’t the only causes of dangerous radiator accidents. Sometimes, the equipment itself is defective, either through a design flaw or because an issue in the manufacturing process resulted in a defective radiator. 

In these cases, the responsible party for the broken radiator is either the manufacturer, designer, or both. The landlord may not be able to fix an inherently flawed radiator. Although these are personal injury cases, your attorney will likely file a product liability lawsuit.

The legal team at Meirowitz & Wasserberg will investigate the cause of your radiator malfunction and construct an appropriate case of either landlord neglect or product liability on your behalf.

Dangers of a Radiator Burn

The surface temperature of standard household radiators reaches up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to cause a severe burn in seconds. Radiator burns can cause first, second, and third-degree burns and may even be fatal.

Burn Injuries and Their Severity

Burn injuries are classified into three categories, depending on the severity and depth of the burn. For many burn injury claims, including those sustained from a radiator burn, the damages may be calculated based on the type of burns you received and their extent.

First Degree Burn (Superficial Thickness)

First-degree burns affect the uppermost layer of your skin, called the epidermis. The skin looks red but will turn white when pressure is applied. Sunburns are a form of first-degree burns. While these can be quite painful, they rarely require serious medical treatment.

Second-Degree Burn (Partial Thickness – Superficial)

Second-degree burns affect both the epidermis and the dermis, or the second layer of skin. Blisters form, and the skin looks dry and turns a whitish color. Depending on how deep and widespread the damage is, you may require skin grafts.

Third-Degree Burn (Partial Thickness – Deep)

Third-degree burns are characterized by extensive damage to both layers of skin and may even damage the muscle tissue below. They’re likely to become infected, and you may need a tetanus shot and antibiotics. 

Third-degree burn patients often require ongoing medical care, skin grafts, or physical therapy to help regain range of motion if muscles are damaged.

Filing a Personal Injury Case for Radiator Burn Injuries

If a defective radiator has burned you or a loved one, you might have a case to seek personal injury damages. Your lawyers will investigate the cause of the radiator burn and may name multiple defendants who share responsibility for your injuries, including:

  • The property owner or landlord
  • The municipality in charge of ensuring building safety
  • Contractors responsible for installing and maintaining the equipment
  • The radiator designer and manufacturer

Proving negligence on the part of the city, landlord, or repair contractor—or proving fault for a defective piece of equipment on the part of the radiator manufacturer—can be complicated. You need a New York radiator burn lawyer with experience in these matters.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive from a Radiator Burn Injury?

You may receive economic compensation for your radiator burn injury, which can cover your medical bills, property damage, and salary lost from work while you heal. 

You may also claim non-economic damages, such as emotional trauma and suffering. Many people with burn injuries may suffer PTSD from the accident or diminished quality of life. Furthermore, if your landlord was found negligent or the manufacturer knowingly put out a defective radiator, you may also be entitled to punitive damages.

Your settlement can include compensation for:

  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Current and ongoing medical care
  • Lost wages and benefits from time missed at work
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of future earnings, if you’re unable to work again
  • Reduced quality of life

In some cases, burn injuries can be fatal. If your loved one succumbed to burn injuries because of a radiator, then we will prepare a wrongful death claim on your behalf. Wrongful death claims often are awarded similar compensation as personal injury claims.

Choose Meirowitz & Wasserberg’s New York Radiator Burn Lawyers

If you’ve suffered a radiator burn, you might have legal recourse to secure a settlement. Don’t negotiate with the other party’s insurance company alone. Hire our New York-based burn injury lawyers at Meirowitz & Wasserberg to advocate for you—from mediation to the courtroom. Contact us today for a free consultation on your case.


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