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How to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in NYC

If you have recently suffered a personal injury in New York City, then it is normal to be facing more questions than answers. Recovering both physically and financially from accidents that happen in a city as big as New York can be daunting and intimidating, to say...

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What to know about driving too slowly

In New York, drivers who travel so far below the speed limit that they impede traffic can be pulled over and ticketed. Regardless of why they're traveling so slow, they are required to follow the posted speed limits. Of course, other drivers have a duty not to be...

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How prevalent and dangerous is drowsy driving?

Drowsy driving can lead to some serious car accidents here in New York City. Perhaps you were involved in one yourself. Unfortunately, these accidents are more widespread than many people think. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that there are 328,000...

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