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How to Choose a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

Video Transcript

When you choose a Mesothelioma lawyer, it’s really important to hire someone that specializes in handling Mesothelioma cases. This is not the kind of law practice that your typical lawyer can handle. It would be like saying that a Pediatrist or a Dentist should do brain surgery on someone. Even though they both have a general understanding of medicine, you absolutely want a specialist who specializes in the particular area to handle your case. That’s the exact same way it is with Mesothelioma cases, and the reason for that is that it’s a very unique area of the law. There are very few people in the country that have specialized training on it, and it makes a massive difference in the outcome of a case as to whether or not you hire someone who has years and years of experience working on Mesothelioma cases. One of the things that I believe separates our firm from a lot of other firms is that, even though we have the resources of a big firm to be able to take on the largest corporations in America, we handle our clients like a boutique firm. We get very personal with our clients, they know us, they call us regularly. We are part of their families in many ways because we spend a tremendous amount of time with them at a time in their life when it can be most vulnerable, when they’re facing a very serious form of cancer. So, the way that we handle these cases is to put in a tremendous amount of effort to get the best result possible. Our clients are never treated like numbers. We know them, they know us, and that never sacrifices the results that we get. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, we’ve taken trial verdicts on behalf of our clients, we’ve litigated cases all around the country for our clients. We’re listed as amongst the top 10 asbestos filers in the country. Yet, we still stay true to our value of treating every case, every client like it’s our only one. And I believe that’s what separates us out from the other law firms that handle this work.