Who Can Be Held Responsible for Constructions Accidents in NYC?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigate reports of workplace hazards, injuries, and fatalities. Additionally, OSHA also provides employers with rules and guidance to prevent employee injuries. Construction is one of the most vital and most dangerous industries in the country, and the construction industry demands a great deal of attention from OSHA officials and investigators. When construction accidents happen, one or more parties may be liable for the resulting damage, injuries, and fatalities.

Determining Liability

Many hands play a role in any construction effort. The city must approve a construction project following the existing zoning laws to ensure the new project isn’t a threat to the public in any way. This is also to ensure that the construction process won’t have an adverse effect on the community while the project continues. If a city official fails to perform adequate inspections or overlooks critical details at the construction site, the city could potentially absorb liability for future injuries and fatalities.

All new constructions require architects for their designs and construction. An architect has to take the geography of the area, surrounding structures, building materials, climate, and many other concerns into account when designing a new structure. If an architect fails to account for crucial details or includes a serious flaw in the design of a new project, it could lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

The construction company handling a new project must also ensure safety at all times. Construction companies must ensure employees receive proper training, safety gear, and acceptable equipment to perform their duties. Supervisors must remain vigilant for workplace hazards and address any issues in a timely and effective manner. Failing to provide workers with a safe workplace could lead to the construction company or a supervisor absorbing liability for resulting injuries. Finally, construction workers must maintain workplace safety at all times and diligently report any safety issues to supervisors as soon as possible.

Workers’ Compensation and Lawsuits

Injured workers in New York City can rely on workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer injuries at work. If a construction worker dies from a workplace accident, his or her surviving dependents will receive benefits instead. Every employer in New York must carry workers’ compensation insurance and may not take any negative actions against an employee simply for filing a claim.

The claims process is extensive and often confusing, and sometimes workers’ compensation benefits do not fully cover the costs of an employee’s damages after a workplace accident. A New York City personal injury attorney is a valuable asset to anyone injured in a construction accident in NYC. An experienced lawyer will know how to find out who is liable for the damages and also help handle workers’ compensation claims and insurance concerns.

Construction workers can prevent workplace injuries by following job site rules and reporting safety hazards as soon as possible. It’s best to stop work to address an issue immediately than to run the risk of the issue causing an injury. Construction companies should ensure their employees have proper training and all the tools necessary to complete their work. All the parties involved in any construction project in New York City have a better chance of preventing accidents and avoiding liability by following OSHA guidelines and staying vigilant for hazards on the job.