What Could Get Your Car Accident Claim Denied?

After a car accident in New York City, drivers have several concerns including vehicle repairs, insurance claims, medical care for injuries, and possibly a lawsuit against a negligent driver. One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with any car accident is handling insurance concerns, and there are several factors that could complicate your claim or even lead to a claim denial.

Honesty and Consistency

When you file an insurance claim for a car accident it is imperative to be honest in your account of the events surrounding the accident and any other information you provide to claim adjusters. Insurance companies are businesses and they don’t make money when they pay out on claims, so claim adjusters typically look for any and all reasons to lower a claim amount or flat out deny a claim. If you are dishonest in your conversations with the insurance company or your story seems to change every time you tell it, the insurance company will likely point to this as a reason to deny your claim. It’s also important to ensure your story remains consistent with everyone who hears it, including the police, your attorney, claims adjusters, doctors, investigators, and anyone else involved in the situation.


Some states follow contributory negligence laws allowing plaintiffs to recover compensation in personal injury lawsuits even though they are partially at fault for the incidents in question. However, while contributory negligence may only have a partial effect on a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver, it can severely impact your claim with an insurance company.

Medical Records

If your claim involves coverage for injuries, you will need sufficient evidence to prove the extent of your injuries. A doctor’s report is often insufficient; you will also need detailed medical records proving that the injuries in question directly resulted from your accident and not some other cause. If you cannot provide sufficient evidence to prove to an insurance adjuster that an accident caused the injuries you claim, the adjuster may deny your claim or reduce your claim amount.

Your Behavior After an Accident

Social media has caused serious problems for people who exaggerated the damage caused by an accident. If an insurance adjuster researches your social media profiles, this could uncover evidence that you exaggerated or lied about your injuries. For example, if you claim that a back injury prevented you from returning to work for an extended time, but your social media profile has pictures of you enjoying a vacation shortly after the accident, the insurance adjuster will likely use this as evidence to deny your claim. Ultimately, getting caught doing anything that runs contrary to the story you provided to insurance adjusters will severely impact your settlement amount.

If you have questions or concerns about dealing with insurance companies or anything else pertaining to a car accident claim, the best thing you can do is to reach out to a reliable and experienced NYC personal injury lawyer to handle your case. While an attorney will charge a fee, it’s best to pay for legal expertise that can secure you a larger, more acceptable settlement than to try to handle it on your own and risk a lowered settlement amount or claim denial.