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Timeline of a Manhattan Personal Injury Case

A day or night out in Manhattan should never result in an injury. Nobody ever starts their day in the city and expects that they will suffer a personal injury that day. As our current world has shown us, expect the unexpected. Suffering a personal injury is complicated enough, dealing with the next steps after can be much more difficult to experience if you don’t know your legal rights.

If you suffer an injury because of another person in some way, then you may be able to recover money for your injuries, and possibly more. In order to give yourself the best chance at a money judgment, attorneys Sam N’ Dan have laid out for you a general timeline of what a Manhattan personal injury case generally looks like.

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The Personal Injury Happens

This is obviously the starting point of any personal injury case. Once you are safe from any immediate harm, make sure to record as much information as you can. Take lots of pictures of everything. If you suffer your injury due to a car accident, then make sure to take more pictures of the scene of the accident than you think is necessary. More is better. Include information about where and when the accident occurred, what the weather was like, and anything else that could help your case. If there are witnesses, make sure to speak to them if you can and record their information.

Seek Medical Attention

Make sure to seek medical attention even if you don’t immediately see injuries. Even if your personal injury does not result in an ambulance ride, make sure to go to the hospital as soon as you can to have yourself checked out. Don’t skip seeking medical attention because you are worried about medical bills; your health is more important, and the money to pay the bills can come in the form of a judgment.

Seek Legal Counsel

While you may hold off speaking to an attorney because you don’t think you have a case yet, the sooner you speak to one will help you understand if you actually have a case, the case’s value, and how many legal services can cost. Sam N’ Dan takes all Manhattan personal injury cases on a contingency basis; you only pay for our services if we win your case.

Build Your Case

In order to get the best offer from an insurance company or opposing party, then you need to build your case as if it is going to trial. All medical records, any witness statements, and other evidence should paint a clear picture of what happened, and why you deserve a financial recovery.

File Insurance Claim or Settlement Demand

Most Manhattan personal injury cases settle without the need for a trial. If your attorney has built your case and clearly shown what you are entitled to, then you should find yourself in the best-negotiating position. This is not always the case, as insurance companies may still give you low-ball offers.

File Lawsuit (If Needed)

If you are not able to agree with the insurance company or opposing party, then you will likely need to file a lawsuit to get your proper compensation. Most times, this step is not needed, but when it is, it is important to file the strongest lawsuit you can. Sometimes, filing a lawsuit is exactly what you need to do to get the settlement offer you were looking for. If you do file a lawsuit, the next steps in your timeline will include discovery, arbitration and/or mediation, and a potential eventual trial. If your case does make it to trial, it is likely that you will wait a significant period of time before your actual trial happens.

Note: this is a general timeline and your case could have more or fewer steps in it before it is completed. While reading an article like this can be a great source of information, it is not meant to substitute the advice of a qualified Manhattan personal injury attorney. Each personal injury case is different, and as such, each will have its own personal timeline.

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If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury in Manhattan, then it is important to speak with an experienced Manhattan personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you are looking for an honest assessment of your case that will cost you nothing, then contact us at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP at 1-800-726-6326 today or online here. The advice is free, and our conversations will be confidential even if you choose to hire another attorney. We operate on a contingency fee basis; if there is no recovery, then you are not charged a fee, simple as that.

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