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The treatments for mesothelioma

Unfortunately, for the moment, there is still no cure for malignant mesothelioma. It is a fatal and fast-moving disease, especially once it begins to metastasize. However, there are procedures and treatments that can slow the spread of the cancer, and also make discomfort more manageable. 

A medical team will first need to determine whether the patient does in fact have mesothelioma. To do this, they will need to perform a biopsy. According to the Mayo Clinic, a biopsy is the only way to detect the illness. Once confirmed and pinpointed, the medical team will then conduct more in-depth tests and scans on the disease to determine the extent the spread. 

Detecting mesothelioma early enough could increase the chances for a surgical removal – which is perhaps the patient’s best chance at a cure. Along with the surgery, according to Cancer.org, doctors may then enhance the procedure by administering rounds of chemotherapy to keep the disease in check. 

Another way to treat the cancer is a process of immunotherapy. Of course, with the onset of the disease, the immune system is soon compromised with waves of attacks on the immune system cells. However, with highly specialized doses of medicine manufactured to fortify the cells, the treatment can be highly beneficial and effective when other options might not work so well. 

Finally, clinical trials are also an option, especially when other approaches are ineffective. In some cases, treatments from clinical trials are actually more effective than some of those approved by the FDA. There is no guarantee the clinical trials will work, but a good medical team will stay on top of which leading trials produce the highest rates of success. 

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