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Spinal cord injuries and pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians are especially vulnerable during an accident when it comes to debilitating injuries. Our law office sees how disruptive these injuries are, not only in terms of a victim’s physical well-being but also in terms of their finances and emotions. Sadly, with less to protect them during impact, many pedestrians pass away in traffic accidents and those who survive often have life-altering injuries to address. In this post, we will examine some of the consequences associated with spinal cord injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents. 

Injured pedestrians often lose the ability to work and take on costly medical bills. For those who sustain a spinal cord injury, this is especially true. Spinal injuries sideline many people for months and some are never able to return to their former job or even take part in other important aspects of daily life. Aside from the multiple physical challenges people endure due to spinal cord injuries (including high levels of pain), there are a lot of other ways in which lives are disrupted. These are especially problematic injuries that often lead to medical debt and costly care. Plus, the emotional toll of a spinal cord injury is often significant because of the many ways in which one’s life is upended. 

If you are struggling to recover from a spinal cord injury after a pedestrian accident, it is important to have a thorough understanding of your options. Some victims have the ability to recover (at least in terms of their finances) by holding reckless drivers accountable in the courtroom. Our car accident section addresses other topics related to accidents on the road. 

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