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Safety tips for driving in construction zones

As summer sets in and more New York families travel, the risks to construction workers become even higher. According to the Federal Safety Administration, 4,400 people died in the last five years in work zone crashes and over 200,000 were injured. The deaths were most oftfen the passenger or driver of the car, but the construction worker is uniquely vulnerable as they work on busy roads.

The most common type of accident that happens in a construction zone is a rear-end crash. These can be avoided when drivers avoid tailgating and adhere to the lowered speed limits in construction areas. If there is more space between cars, each driver has more time to stop if there is an unexpected change or merge, which is common in construction areas.

Drivers should also obey the speed limit because there are vulnerable workers just feet away. In many places, the fines for speeding through work zones are doubled. If drivers are obeying the speed limit, it gives them more time to merge when appropriate and to change lanes safely.

Safelite also encourages driers to keep their headlights on, even during the day. Always be patient and buckle up and stay as far away from large machines as possible.

One of the most important things that drivers can also do in construction zones is expect the unexpected. When roadwork is being completed, even the most prepared site can have complications. If drivers are constantly aware and alert and watching for changes in lanes, large vehicles coming on the road or workers close to the lanes then they are more prepared to prevent an accident.

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