New York City Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

The spinal cord cannot always withstand the forces that a traumatic incident inflicts upon it. When the spinal cord succumbs to a traumatic injury, the sensitive nerves and discs can sustain serious and permanent damage. Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) often result in permanent loss of sensation and movement below the point of injury, either partially or fully. If someone negligently or recklessly caused this life-changing injury, the victim has every right to file a civil lawsuit against the party responsible and a New York City spinal cord injury lawyer at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, can help during this legal process.

Filing A Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit In NYC

Most spinal cord injuries qualify as “catastrophic” by law. These are injuries that result in permanent consequences, such as loss of movement or ability to work. Catastrophic injuries have long-term effects that interfere with the rest of the victim’s life. They are often highly disruptive to the individual and his or her family. People living with SCIs commonly require permanent live-in care or medical supervision, as well as a lifetime of medical costs, rehabilitation, and home or vehicle modifications.

The expenses that go along with a spine injury can be massive, making it all the more important to retain a New York City personal injury attorney  who can help maximize the amount of your claim. Catastrophic injuries are so extensive that the civil courts of NYC deal with them differently than other damages. If the plaintiff has evidence, such as medical records or testimony from a physician, that his or her SCI will result in long-term health effects, the courts will order compensation that should last a lifetime.

If there is more than one defendant responsible for causing the harm, such as a negligent driver and the manufacturer of a defective seatbelt, both may owe the victim compensation. If the plaintiff is a percentage at fault for his or her injuries, the courts may award partial compensation based on the state’s pure comparative negligence laws. The amount of compensation will be reduced by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault. For instance, the plaintiff would receive $800,000 of a million-dollar settlement if the courts find him/her 20% at fault for the incident. For more information regarding lawsuits in New York City, reach out to a dedicated New York City spinal cord injury lawyer.

Get Legal Help From A New York City Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are incredibly serious. They deserve attention from experienced personal injury lawyers in NYC. Samuel Meirowitz and Daniel Wasserberg have decades of combined experience representing catastrophic injury claims. They banded together after working as neighbor litigators in a prominent New York plaintiff’s firm. Since the creation of their partnership, they’ve helped hundreds of clients recover for serious injuries, including those with lifelong ramifications on the victim and his/her family.

Whether your SCI occurred in the workplace or in a car accident, we have the resources to go after the responsible party with the full power of the law. If your case has to go to trial to recover just compensation, our New York City spinal cord injury lawyers welcome the challenge. Our reputation for excellence will work in your favor in and out of the courtroom. We want to strive for maximum compensation for your medical costs, lost enjoyment of life lost employment opportunities, and your myriad of other losses due to your spine injury. For more information, schedule a consultation online or call our NYC office at 212-897-1988.