New York City Burn Injury Attorney

Burns can be extremely traumatic, both physically and emotionally. Burns are very painful injuries that often result in permanent scarring or disfigurement. A victim may require multiple surgeries and extended hospital stays to recover.  There is often someone at fault for the incident, such as an employer or product manufacturer. If you have reason to believe that an individual or entity is responsible for causing your recent burn injury, confide in a caring New York City burn injury attorney at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP. Our legal team represents burn victims throughout the city.

About New York City Burn Injury Lawsuits

Burns can be thermal, chemical, electrical or radiation-related. Burns come in four degrees, based on severity. First-degree burns can result in redness and superficial injuries. Second-degree burns show blisters and damage the underlying layers of the skin. Third-degree burns result in white and leathery skin. Fourth-degree burns damage the underlying muscles and tendons, often resulting in permanent injury. All burn injuries can be painful and require medical attention. You and your New York City personal injury lawyer will have to prove four elements to receive compensation for your burns in the NYC courts:

  • The existence of duty of care. Different parties owe different duties of care. Doctors, drivers, and employers, for example, each owe different standards of care to others. Consider what duties the defendant owed you during your burn injury accident.
  • A breach of duty. An act of negligence, recklessness, or an unlawful act represents a defendant’s breach of duty of care. You must prove that the defendant did something that a reasonable and prudent person would not have done in similar circumstances.
  • Causation. The defendant’s breach of duty must have caused or contributed to the accident. Even if you have proof of the defendant’s negligence, he or she will not be liable for your injuries unless the act of negligence was the proximate cause.
  • Real damages. To have grounds to file a lawsuit for your burn injury, you have to have suffered real damages as a result of someone else’s negligence. Damages can include physical injury, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Proving these elements may require an accident investigation, interviews with eyewitnesses, a re-creation of the incident and reviewing your medical records. You may need a medical expert to testify about the extent of your burn injury and its effects on your physical well-being. An experienced New York City burn injury attorney at Meirowitz & Wasserberg can make the legal process simpler on you, the accident victim. Let us take care of the red tape of your lawsuit while you focus on healing.

Discuss Your Legal Options With A New York City Burn Injury Lawyer

When you retain an attorney to pursue compensation for a burn injury in New York, you maximize your odds of receiving the type of award you deserve. Our legal team understands the multifaceted harms that can stem from a bad burn. We know that the scars don’t only run skin deep. Burns often result in emotional trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and related pain and suffering. A personal injury claim is the only way to strive for recovery for these damages. For a free consultation about your recent burn injury in NYC, contact our team online or call our NYC office at 212-897-1988.