New Year’s Eve in NYC: Staying Safe in the Cold and Crowds

New Year’s Eve in New York City is a massive celebration, with many celebrants traveling to Times Square to partake in the world-famous festivities and ring in the New Year with other revelers. While this occasion is one to remember for many attendees, New Year’s Eve is also notorious for many kinds of injuries. If you plan to join the crowds this year, take time to plan accordingly to prevent serious injuries. In the unfortunate event that you sustain an injury due to another’s negligence, consider speaking with a dedicated NYC personal injury lawyer to learn your available legal options.

Protect Yourself From the Cold

New Year’s Eve is in the dead of winter, and the celebration late at night means low temperatures. Despite the heat from the large crowds, it’s still important to dress warmly and protect your extremities from the cold. Wind and weather-resistant synthetics are a good idea, and a warm hat and gloves will help you stay warm to enjoy the festivities in comfort.

Plan Ahead

There are no public restrooms in Times Square, and finding a place to eat among the huge crowd can be a serious challenge. Make sure you eat and take care of bathroom breaks before heading to Times Square. Most people vie for the best viewing areas to watch the celebration, so you won’t want to give up a good spot once you find one. It’s wise to arrive during the early afternoon if you want a really good place to view the ball dropping at midnight.

Pack Light

New York City police take safety during New Year’s Eve very seriously, and there are security checkpoints around Times Square. The police will search all bags taken into the event, such as purses and handbags. You will not be able to carry luggage, large bags, or backpacks into Times Square during the celebration. Leave large bags at your hotel or wherever you plan to stay during your trip. Bring a wallet and whatever necessities you must, and leave the rest at your lodgings. It’s wise to keep any valuables like cell phones, wallets, cash, hotel key cards, and other items in a secure pocket on your person. While New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration, unfortunately, some individuals seize the opportunity and the dense crowds to pickpocket valuables from unwary tourists.

No Alcohol

Public drinking is illegal in New York City, and the police do not permit any alcohol in Times Square. Do not attempt to bring alcohol to the event as the police will confiscate it and you may even find yourself in legal trouble. There will more than likely be celebrations at every local bar, so if you plan to drink, plan to wait until after the New Year’s Eve celebration and do so at a legal establishment.

Use Public Transportation

Use the train, subway, or a taxi to get where you need to go on New Year’s Eve. Attempting to drive your own vehicle isn’t a great idea at any time in New York City, and traffic will increase even more during the New Year’s Eve celebration. If you can afford it, find a hotel room close to Times Square so you can simply walk a few blocks to the celebration on the big day.

Planning will make a world of difference for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Investigate some of the New York City traveling apps and guides online to familiarize yourself with the area and your options for food, housing, and transportation well in advance. While staying in New York City is often expensive, you can make the most of your trip by planning to spend several days in the city and take advantage of tourist coupons, group discounts, sightseeing promotions, and much more.