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New Jersey Day Care Injury Lawyer

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Earlier this year, a baby in New Jersey suffered a mysterious, almost fatal, injury. His child care provider insisted his skull fracture was from a fall, prosecutors soon realized it was much worse — day care abuse. Unfortunately, this kind of story isn’t uncommon. Children in New Jersey and across the country suffer abuse, neglect, thoughtlessness from their caregivers, often leading to serious day care injuries.

If your child suffers injuries at day care, it may not be a simple accident or a child’s clumsiness. Whatever the answer, after an injury, pay close attention to other insights into what is happening at the center. Bruises, unwillingness to go to the provider or a change in the attitude of your children may suggest an unsafe day care. When the injury is severe, contact a New Jersey day care injury lawyer. Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, are attorneys you can trust.

Common Day Care Injuries

Playground injuries are some of the most common accidents kids can experience at a day care. Improper maintenance of playground equipment leads to accidents and injuries as children cut themselves, slip and fall, or get caught in ropes or chains. Poorly designed playgrounds may not have enough cushioned material on the ground to provide a safe landing for children coming off slides, swings or any other equipment.

Falling objects are another significant source of injury for day care students. Children will try to pull at things just out of reach, or even attempt to climb bookcases or shelves. This can cause heavy objects to crash onto the child, causing potentially serious injuries.

Day cares commonly use bottle warmers to warm bottles for nursing babies. While at home, you take every precaution to ensure the milk is not too hot before giving it to your child, at the day care, caregivers may fail to exercise the proper care due to the demands of caring for several babies. Children burned through overheated bottles may require medical treatment and suffer terrible pain.

Even watching one child takes a great deal of attention to prevent accidents and injury. As caregivers gain added responsibilities, they may fail to exercise the care necessary to prevent accidents and injury. Children may fight with each other or inadvertently injure each other while at play. Children may attempt to climb on things or explore from curiosity in a way that is unsafe. Negligent supervision results in accidents that proper care could prevent.

If your child suffered any of the aforementioned common day care injuries and you suspect negligence, speak with a New Jersey personal injury attorney experienced in day care injury cases.

Compensation For Day Care Injuries In New Jersey

To be eligible for compensation for your child’s day care injuries in the Garden State, you and your New Jersey day care injury lawyer must establish that the day care had a duty of care to prevent your child’s injury, that your child suffered an injury, and that the injury was the result of the negligence of the day care or its workers.

You may seek compensation for any medical bills incurred because of your child’s injury. This includes hospital expenses, doctor bills, the cost of prescription medications and any specialized medical equipment needed at home.

If care for your child causes you to miss time at work, you may also be eligible to receive compensation for any lost wages.

You may also seek compensation for your child’s pain and suffering from the injury. While you cannot place an exact dollar amount on pain and suffering, it nevertheless deserves some compensation. The amount owed for pain and suffering is usually negotiated during the settlement process or is left to the discretion of the court in comparison with similar accidents if the case goes to trial.

Hire A New Jersey Day Care Injury Attorney If Your Child Was Hurt

So often, the system seems stacked against the victim in day care injuries. Insurance companies or corporate attorneys immediately step in to try to limit the amount they will have to pay out in a settlement. Having an experienced, aggressive New Jersey day care injury lawyer on your side increases your chances of getting the compensation you need to provide the best care for your child. Call today at 800-726-6326 or contact us online for a free consultation. Our attorneys will listen to your story and help guide you to understanding the options available to you.

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