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NYC Bus Accident Attorney

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When New Yorkers board city, school or private buses, they assume they will arrive at their destinations alive and well. The bus system has specific laws in place to protect the safety of passengers. These include laws regarding bus driver competence, vehicle maintenance, and employee training. A mistake made anywhere within the bus’ operation can lead to an accident and personal injuries. If you believe negligence had something to do with your recent bus accident in New York, come to Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, for a free consultation with an NYC bus accident attorney.

Common Carrier Laws In New York City

Buses are common carriers because they offer their services to people as a business. As such, they must obey specific laws and fulfill higher standards of care. The bus companies are responsible for abiding by all applicable federal and state rules for common carriers. Otherwise, they face liability for subsequent accidents and passenger injuries. Standards of care for public and privately-owned buses are numerous, and include:

Vehicle maintenance inspections at least every six months according to standards from the New York Department of Transportation

  • Keep buses in safe operating condition at all times
  • Provide a reasonably safe vehicle for passengers
  • Hire, train and retain competent bus drivers
  • Bus safety and exit requirements
  • Require drivers to perform pre-trip inspections

Examining all applicable federal, state and city laws regarding bus operation can take hours. A New York City personal injury attorney experienced in bus accidents has the resources to easily identify specific laws the bus company or driver may have broken in your particular case. There may be more than one party at fault for your crash. For example, another driver may have run a red light, but poorly maintained brakes prevented the bus from stopping in time to avoid a collision. You could potentially bring a claim against the other driver and the bus company, in this situation. Talk to an NYC bus accident attorney for help with assigning fault in your case.

Compensation For Bus Accident Victims In New York City

Minor bus accidents may not result in any significant injuries to passengers. These cases, while inconvenient, may not give passengers grounds to file claims against the bus company. A person must have suffered real damages to have grounds for a personal injury claim. These include physical injuries, emotional distress and property damage.

It is worthwhile to speak to an NYC bus accident attorney if you suffered these harms in a recent bus accident in New York City. If your injuries were catastrophic or caused temporary or permanent disfigurement or disability, you should certainly talk to a lawyer. Your case could secure substantial compensation if the bus driver, bus company or another party’s negligence caused your harms.

Going up against a governmental agency or private company can be difficult in the aftermath of a bus crash. The party may deny liability and attempt to refute your claim. Insurance companies might deny your claim or offer a settlement that doesn’t cover your damages. The best way to protect yourself after this type of accident in NYC is with a personal injury attorney.

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If you or a loved one was injured in a bus accident in New York, do not hesitate to contact the legal team at Meirowitz & Wasserberg. Our lawyers have years of experience in helping our clients with their claims after catastrophic bus accidents and will look out for your best interests. We want to help you recover maximum compensation after a harmful bus crash. Submit our contact form to request a free consultation today.

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