Asbestos Exposure In New York

Those at greatest risk for dangerous asbestos exposure and the development of mesothelioma are workers who interacted with materials containing asbestos in the 1900s. These products might include drywall, insulation, shipbuilding materials, and auto repair and manufacturing materials. Occupational exposure is the most common reason behind mesothelioma cases. Those working in industrial settings and shipyards at most at risk.

Heightened Risk For Certain Industries

The most prominent industries in the state during the 1900s were steel manufacturing, engine manufacturing, paper production, mining, and ship production. Some of the largest companies operating in New York at the time were the Lackawanna Steel Company, General Motors, Bethlehem and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. These high-risk companies employed hundreds of thousands of people who could have suffered exposure during the height of asbestos-filled products.

Secondhand Exposure Also A Risk

Secondhand exposure to asbestos can occur when those who work with the material carry microscopic particles of asbestos with them on their clothes, hair, and bodies. Natural exposure is also a risk for those who lived near asbestos mines or large deposits. Aside from occupational exposure risks, people who lived in certain areas of New York might have a greater chance of developing asbestos-related conditions than others.

Banning The Substance

It wasn’t until the 1970s when hundreds of thousands of people had already been exposed to asbestos, that the United States banned this substance. Despite the limited use of asbestos in current manufacturing materials, it may still exist in many older buildings and operations.

Where someone lived prior to the ban of asbestos could make a difference in whether that person will get mesothelioma. Data from the New York State Department of Health  from the 2012-2014 cancer registry shows that those living in the New York City region are at the highest risk for mesothelioma. Queens had the highest number, with Long Island as the second-most dangerous region, followed by Western New York and Mid-Hudson.

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