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The last thing a patient expects when taking any medication is that it will worsen, not relieve, a condition or illness. Unfortunately, not every drug is safe for consumption when it hits the market. Defective and dangerous drugs have caused thousands of injuries, illnesses and wrongful deaths over the years. Paxil is on the list of drugs involved in ongoing class actions, or mass lawsuits. It is under scrutiny for a number of complications connected to taking the drug, from withdrawal symptoms to suicide. If you or a loved one has suffered damages relating to Paxil, come to Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, and speak to a New York City Paxil lawyer for legal assistance.

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What Is Paxil?

Paxil, also known as Aropax, Brisdelle, Pexeva, Sereupin and Seroxat, comes from the British manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor meant to balance serotonin levels in the brain. Doctors typically prescribe Paxil for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Paxil should alleviate behavior and mood-related symptoms of these conditions within the first few months of use. Yet hundreds of patients claim to have experienced the opposite effects while taking the drug.

GSK has spent millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements and billions more in fines for fraudulent marketing. Several courts have found the manufacturer guilty of fraudulently promoting Paxil as nonhabit forming, when evidently GSK knew of serious withdrawal symptoms as far back as 1993. Still, the company did not warn consumers of the known risks of addiction or withdrawal. Symptoms of Paxil withdrawal include nausea, headache, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia. Patients with Paxil withdrawal may end up taking more of the drug to alleviate symptoms.

Other Paxil lawsuits deal with suicidal thoughts and birth defects. Paxil evidently poses an unreasonable risk of increased suicidal thoughts and behaviors in young users. In 2007, the Food and Drug Administration warned GSK to include “increased risk of suicide” on Paxil’s black box warning, especially in ages 18 to 24. Plaintiffs have since sued GSK for suicides and related harms and deaths from taking Paxil. Finally, several lawsuits have linked Paxil with birth defects, especially heart defects, in pregnant women who take the drug in the first trimester — despite GSK marketing the product as having no known link to birth defects.

Do You Have A Paxil Withdrawal Lawsuit In New York City?

Successful lawsuits against GSK for Paxil have thus far involved withdrawal symptoms, suicidal thoughts and actions, and birth defects. If you have suffered any of these harms in your family after taking Paxil, we strongly recommend speaking to our attorneys about joining an ongoing mass tort. If you believe you suffered another type of harm from Paxil or one of its related drugs, schedule a free consultation with one of our New York City attorneys. We can investigate your potential claim and tell you if we believe you have grounds for a lawsuit.

GSK has spent billions of dollars compensating patients that Paxil has injured and wrongfully killed. You and your family could be on the long list of victims that GSK owes for damages. Discover your legal possibilities with help from the mass tort attorneys at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP. Call (833) SAM-N-DAN to get in touch with us today.


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