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Is distracted driving more common in parking lots?

With all of the time that you spend in traveling through parking lots in New York, they may seem harmless. Parking lots, unfortunately, are the home of tens of thousands of vehicle crashes every year, according to the National Safety Council. These are not all simple fender benders with no injuries, however. In fact, serious injuries and fatalities occur in parking lots.

Why are parking lots so dangerous? In the midst of the holidays, it is not difficult to reason why. The parking lots are crowded with people, some of whom are in a big rush. Crowds of people will always make accidents more likely, but this is not the only reason. In fact, 66% of drivers polled said that they make phone calls while driving in a parking lot.

Phone calls are not the only distraction. Drivers may turn their attention to programming the GPS, to taking photos, to send an e-mail, to text or even to use social media. Without technology, there are still distractions. Many drivers will groom themselves in the car, whether it be applying makeup or combing your hair. Not only are drivers distracted in the parking lot but also so are the pedestrians. This creates a chaotic mess and a recipe for disaster.

In order to avoid an accident in the parking lot, it is crucial for a driver to remain alert. Do not drive across a lot, but instead stay in your lane. Never forget to use your directional signals and drive slowly. Sometimes you may not notice pedestrians or children can run behind cars quickly. None of the above is to be considered legal advice. It is for informational purposes only.

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