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Essential steps to take after a car accident

New York is notorious for its stressful driving conditions, especially in the city. Collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or parked cars are fairly common, but many individuals do not know what to do after an accident occurs. It is vital for New York residents to understand how to react after a car accident.
According to the New York DMV, there are several factors that determine whether an accident requires an official report. Individuals must report an accident if there are injuries or deaths. In this case, someone must notify the police, and everyone involved must contact the DMV to file an accident report. Some collisions with parked cars also require a formal report. A person must file a DMV report if the accident results in property damage over $1,000. The state requires individuals to file DMV reports within 10 days of an accident.
If an accident injures a domestic animal in a parked vehicle, the person who caused the accident must call the police and contact the owner. When accidents only cause property damage under $1,000, the people involved must exchange license, insurance and registration information with each other.
Filing a report is just one aspect of correctly handling a car accident. FindLaw provides information on other essential actions, including what to do immediately after an accident happens. All involved parties should stay at the scene, help injured people (if possible) and contact law enforcement. People should call 911 if there are injuries or deaths. If there are no injuries, individuals may use a non-emergency line to report the accident to the police.
Everyone involved should also collect potentially relevant information: names, registration numbers, witnesses, weather conditions and photographs of the damage. This data may help establish who is liable for the accident. Individuals must also report the accident to their insurance carriers. Documenting and reporting a collision properly may help make the post-accident legal process go smoothly.

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