Medical Malpractice

Can I Sue My Dentist for Nerve Damage?

Just like any other medical professional, a dentist has a duty to prevent harm to patients and treat them using acceptable techniques. When a dentist causes nerve damage by deviating from the acceptable standard of care for the patient’s situation, the dentist commits medical malpractice. Nerve damage is one of the most common reasons for… read more

How Long Do You Have to Sue a Doctor?

Taking any type of legal action almost always requires meeting the applicable statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the time limit in which a claimant must take legal action after a specific event. For example, most states uphold a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims, so a potential plaintiff has two… read more

Can You Sue a Doctor for Pain and Suffering?

Medical professionals like doctors, nurses, surgeons, and anesthesiologists have a professional duty to ensure they do not harm their patients. The doctor who treats a patient must use approved diagnostic methods and treatments appropriate for the patient’s condition, and every known medical condition has a standard of care that a treating physician must meet. When… read more

Can Forceps Cause Brain Damage?

The birth of a child is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying for most parents, and the potential for complications during childbirth is a significant concern for many expectant parents. During the delivery, there are many possible situations that can require the doctor to use specialized equipment for a safer birth. For example, some women will… read more

What Constitutes Medical Negligence?

Medical malpractice law hinges on the concept of “medical negligence,” or a medical professional’s failure to meet an acceptable standard of care that results in harm to a patient. If you suffer injuries due to incompetent or ineffective medical treatment, it’s vital to speak to a qualified NYC medical malpractice attorney to learn your options… read more

Can You Sue a Doctor for Misdiagnosis?

Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, surgeons, and anesthesiologists, have a duty of care to prevent harm to their patients. Medicine is an inherently uncertain science, and no two patients are exactly alike, but honest mistakes, diagnostic errors, and laboratory mix-ups can and do happen all the time. When these incidents result in patient harm, the… read more