New York Talc Powder Injury Attorney

Talcum powder has been a staple in thousands of households for decades. Used in a number of beauty products, body, and facial powders, and other consumer items, talcum powder has been present in almost every consumer’s life since the 1970s. While most talc use does not result in injuries, some may contain asbestos — a toxic mineral that scientists know to cause cancer. There are dozens of ongoing lawsuits against talc powder manufacturers for injuries relating to their products, primarily ovarian cancer. To talk to a New York City Talc powder injury lawyer about your current injuries or illness, contact Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP.

Talcum Powder Lawsuits In New York City

Talc is a mineral comprised of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. Its powder form is useful for absorbing moisture and eliminating friction, making it a common element in health and beauty products that keep the skin dry. Consumers can find talc in baby powder, adult body powders and even in some foods, such as chewing gum. In its natural form, talc can contain asbestos.

Talc contaminated with asbestos could potentially lead to cancer and other health issues today — even if you used the product a long time ago. This is because asbestos particles lodge within the body and remain there, sometimes not causing symptoms of illness or disease for 20 to 50 years after initial exposure. Men and women may develop asbestos-related injuries such as mesothelioma from inhaling talc powder that contains asbestos, even if they haven’t been around the substance in decades. There are many asbestos lawsuits in the U.S. regarding asbestos-contaminated talc products.

Do You Have A Talcum Injury Lawsuit?

Talcum powders may cause respiratory problems, lung cancers, mesothelioma, and ovarian cancers, even when used as manufacturers intended. If you or a loved one recently were recently diagnosed with one of those diseases, your family may be eligible for payment for hospital bills, missed time at work, and other harms that resulted from the injury or illness. Call 800-726-6326 to request a free consultation at our New York City office.