New York City Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawyer

“Asbestos” encompasses six different types of naturally occurring silicate minerals. Asbestos was once a highly popular building material due to its resistance to fire. Over the years, doctors and scientists discovered the dangers of interacting with asbestos. By the time the U.S. banned asbestos minerals from construction, the military, and consumer products, thousands of people had already faced exposure to this toxic substance – with asbestos lung cancer as a common result. Contact our asbestos attorneys at Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, as soon as you receive this diagnosis in New York City.

About Asbestos Lung Cancer

Disturbing items that contain asbestos can stir these mineral fragments up into the air. Microscopic asbestos fibers can become lodged in the lungs if inhaled. Over time, they can cause inflammation and scarring, as well as the development of lung cancer. For decades, workers across multiple industries breathed in significant levels of asbestos in its dust form. Studies estimate about 75 different job categories in the U.S. exposed employees to asbestos.

No level of asbestos exposure is “safe.” With each year of exposure, risk of related lung cancer increases. The more particles that lodge in the lungs, the higher the risk of cellular damage that causes the formation of tumors. Risk of developing cancer can depend on the length of exposure time and the person’s health and genetics.

Asbestos lung cancer is a rare and aggressive disease. Diagnosis typically comes in the late stages, as it can take decades after asbestos exposure for it to form. Diagnosis is often too late for asbestos lung cancer patients to overcome this disease. Military veterans represent a high percentage of asbestos cancer patients. Branches of the U.S. military, especially the navy, were exposed to asbestos for decades in ships, ship yards and building materials. New York’s history with shipbuilding and other blue collar work led to high rates of asbestos lung cancer in the state.

Pursue Compensation For Asbestos Lung Cancer In New York City

If a doctor has diagnosed you or a loved with asbestos lung cancer, you may be eligible for significant compensation. Thousands of people have sued manufacturers, employers and other parties for asbestos exposure because of how toxic this material is. Many companies knowingly exposed end-users to asbestos, while they were aware of the potential risks for cancer and other health problems. Billions of dollars are available to asbestos victims and surviving family members.

Due to the latency of the development of asbestos lung cancer, you have to act fast to uphold your legal rights upon diagnosis. The state of New York only gives three years from the date of diagnosis, or two years from the date of a wrongful death, to file claims. The courts may allow exceptions for cases involving asbestos in certain situations. Contact our lawyers as soon as possible after an asbestos lung cancer diagnosis in New York City. Meirowitz & Wasserberg, LLP, can fight to protect your rights and pursue compensation through a mass tort or individual lawsuit.